Saturday, April 4, 2009

What, me worry?

In the summer of 1994, I was sitting in first class in an American Airlines DC-9, sipping a drink at 35,000 feet, and contentedly watching the world move past below.

And then, I had a revelation. The nature of the universe became more clear, and I knew that I needed to get religion. This will come as a total shock to people who only knew me before that time.

But…which religion? I considered many, and the finalists were LDS, Judaism, and Buddhism. At the end of the day, I found all of the COTS offerings wanting, so I wrote my own code, and created Myquaos.

I describe Myquaos as a combination of Christianity, Buddhism, and The Force. But, it doesn’t really follow any of those particularly closely.

Of course, any good religion needs Commandments, and the 10 Commandments of Myquaos are listed below. If they appeal to you, perhaps you are a Myquasian, as I am.

Over time, I have very fitfully worked at fleshing out the Myquasian religion. I would appreciate your input on the issue.



The Ten Commandments of Myquaos
(Listed in order of precedence)

I) Thou shalt not take thyself, nor anything else, too seriously.

II) Never let your sense of morals stop you from doing what is right.

III) Thou shalt not initiate physical force against another sentient being.

IV) Thou shalt not lie.

V) Thou shalt honor thy agreements, when voluntarily made.

VI) Choose something that makes a difference to you, and go out and change the world.

VII) Thou shalt not whine.

VIII) Do not delay action by waiting for certainty or perfection.

IX) If you find an activity inspiring, pursue it vigorously to uncover its spiritual significance.

X) Do good, avoid evil, and celebrate life!


  1. Why, not in the slightest!

    That would violate the First Commandment!